1. 15 Jan, 2014 2 commits
    • Synchronize the program counter before the power down helper call
      otherwise interrupts will return to the wrong context.
      Signed-off-by: Sebastian Huber <sebastian.huber@embedded-brains.de>
      Reviewed-by: Richard Henderson <rth@twiddle.net>
      Reviewed-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <edgar.iglesias@xilinx.com>
      Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <edgar.iglesias@xilinx.com>
      Sebastian Huber authored
    • Use fprintf(stderr instead. This removes dependency of libqemuutil.a
      on the monitor.
      We can further justify this change, in that this code path should only
      trigger under a fatal error condition. fprintf-stderr is probably the
      appropriate medium as under a fatal error conidition the monitor itself
      may be down and out for the count. So assertion failure messages should
      go lowest common denominator - straight to stderr.
      Fixes the build as reported by Kevin Wolf. Issue debugged and change
      suggested by Luiz Capitulino. Issue introduced by
      Signed-off-by: Peter Crosthwaite <peter.crosthwaite@xilinx.com>
      Reviewed-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <edgar.iglesias@xilinx.com>
      Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <edgar.iglesias@xilinx.com>
      Peter Crosthwaite authored
  2. 14 Jan, 2014 3 commits
    • * luiz/queue/qmp:
        migration: qmp_migrate(): keep working after syntax error
        qerror: Remove assert_no_error()
        qemu-option: Remove qemu_opts_create_nofail
        target-i386: Remove assert_no_error usage
        hw: Remove assert_no_error usages
        qdev: Delete dead code
        error: Add error_abort
        monitor: add object-add (QMP) and object_add (HMP) command
        monitor: add object-del (QMP) and object_del (HMP) command
        qom: catch errors in object_property_add_child
        qom: fix leak for objects created with -object
        rng: initialize file descriptor to -1
        qemu-monitor: HMP cpu-add wrapper
        vl: add missing transition debug->finish_migrate
      Message-Id: 1389045795-18706-1-git-send-email-lcapitulino@redhat.com
      Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <edgar.iglesias@xilinx.com>
      Edgar E. Iglesias authored
    • This patch uses inbound GPIO lines (IRQ and FIR) for
      interrupts instead of using the old pic_cpu method,
      which doesn't correspond to real hardware.
      This creates the CPU's inbound IRQ and FIR GPIO lines and
      updates the Microblaze boards to use this new method.
      Signed-off-by: Alistair Francis <alistair.francis@xilinx.com>
      Suggested-by: Peter Crosthwaite <peter.crosthwaite@xilinx.com>
      Reveiwed-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <edgar.iglesias@xilinx.com>
      Tested-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <edgar.iglesias@xilinx.com>
      Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <edgar.iglesias@xilinx.com>
      Alistair Francis authored
    • Switch the ARMCPUInfo arrays in cpu.c and cpu64.c to use a terminator
      entry rather than looping based on ARRAY_SIZE. The latter causes
      compile warnings on some versions of gcc if the configure options
      happen to result in an empty array.
      Signed-off-by: Peter Maydell <peter.maydell@linaro.org>
      Reviewed-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <edgar.iglesias@xilinx.com>
      Tested-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <edgar.iglesias@xilinx.com>
      Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <edgar.iglesias@xilinx.com>
      Peter Maydell authored
  3. 13 Jan, 2014 35 commits