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GreenSocs README file
GreenControl project
  including sub projects

GreenControl is a header-only framework.


Project website:

Directory "./docs" contains User Manuals and Tutorials for 
GreenControl as well as for the sub projects.

Include Files

Most header files that are sensible to include by the user are 
located at the top-level. Only experimental or insignificant 
features are not available at top-level.

Directory structure
.        User include files
./core    GreenControl Core files
./debian  Files for GSPM (GreenSocs Package Management)
./docs    Documentation including for sub projects
             doxygen generation files
             User Manuals
./examples       Examples, see README.txt there
./gav            GreenAV sub project
./gcnf           GreenConfig sub project
./gcnf_watcher   GreenConfig Logger
./reportmsg      Report Messages sub project